Snow, Ice and Media 2011

This is the second time we organized a workshop combining snow and ice construction and new / interactive media. Actually the 2010 workshop was one of the first ones to use materials which are currently at our lab – 4 infrared sensors. We found out that they really don’t work so well when the temperature hits below -25 °C… Also the data projector which was in an insulated box shut down probably because there was too little snow and the wires were not buried well and somebody just stepped on them, shutting down the power The box was too heavy and difficult to open up. So we ended up with a sound installation with very slow interaction. But the computer (also in an insulated box) which ran it didn’t crash for one month – good thing I saved it from going to Kemijärvi graveyard for old computers.

In 2011 we had 4 groups of students. One installation used custom-built heavy duty switches for triggering bright leds, sound via an mp3 shield, and a dedo-lighting system (there was a relay in the mix). Another installation (or two installations which were united, a collaboration of two groups) used two projections (this time we put the projectors inside the University) and an ultrasonic sensor triggering audio and lighting when a person gets near some statues. Third /fourth one used just basic lighting and sound speakers without interaction.

The work was (actually is) premiered during the inside / outside spectacle of the Faculty of the Arts, Saturday 19th February 2011, part of the Rovaniemi Design Week.