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Useful Sites

The official Arduino website. Reference, tutorials, forum and other info from the Arduino-world. Don’t miss the Playground where you can find examples on how to connect your Arduino to various parts and devices.

ITP – Physical Computing

Great resource from ITP Physical Computing class. Links, tutorials, SensorWiki etc.

This LED calculator will help you design your LED array and choose the best current limiting resistors values. I use it all the time to calculate what resistors I should use with my LEDs.

Peter Flemming’s Electronics for Artist Class (Concordia University)

Lots of useful .pdf files and links. Check out the how-to section for many useful circuit examples.

ensimmäinen suomenkielinen arduinokirja(?) tyyliin opi rakentamaan robotteja. Muita enemmän tai vähemmän hyödyllistä löytyy myös sivuilta.

Stores (Finland)


Vaasan Elektroniikkakeskus



Bebek Electronic

Stores (Outside Finland)

Sparkfun Electronics (USA)

Electrokit (Sweden)

Watterott Electronic (Germany)