Bluetooth Mate

The Bluetooth Mate is very similar to the BlueSMiRF modem, but it is designed specifically to be used with Arduino Pros and LilyPad Arduinos. It is a Bluetooth wireless serial cable replacement from SparkFun Electronics. These modems work as a serial (RX/TX) pipe and can be used to wirelessly send data from an Arduino to your computer/mobile phone/other Arduino.

These units work best when the distance between the Arduino and the computer is small (under 10 meters). You might see data loss even after 5 meter distance. Use the Xbee modules for more reliable wireless connection with longer range.

Bluetooth Mate has the same pin out as the FTDI Basic, and is meant to plug directly into an Arduino Pro, Pro Mini, or LilyPad Mainboard. Because the pins have been arranged to do this, you cannot directly plug the Bluetooth Mate to an FTDI Basic board (you’ll have to swap TX and RX).

The two Bluetooth Mate modules in the lab are named:

  • LappiMate-001
  • LappiMate-002

Each module should have a sticker on its backside with the name it has been assigned.

Follow the BlueSMiRF instructions on how to use it.