Environment – SHT15

The SHT15 breakout board is a relatively simple to use temperature and humidity sensor. It uses a digital 2-wire interface to communicate with microcontrollers and other equipment.

Using the SHT15 With an Arduino

Download the SHT1x Arduino library from: http://github.com/practicalarduino/SHT1x

Install the library to your Sketchbook folder inside a folder called libraries. By default your Sketchbook folder is located in /Documents/Arduino/

Connect the sensor to you Arduino like this:

  • VCC to 5V
  • DATA to pin 10
  • SCK to pin 11
  • GND to GND

Open the Arduino application and go to File –> Sketchbook –> libraries –> SHT1x –> ReadSHT1xValues

Upload the code and once it’s done open the Serial Monitor to get the readings. Remember to set the baud rate of the Serial Monitor to be the same as in the code.

Get to know the code and apply it to your own projects.

One of the sensors in the lab is permanently in use in the Pachube Node. It constantly sends the temperature and humidity values of the lab to the University of Lapland Pachube feed.