As you can see, the blog post update period is quite, well – mildly put, infrequent. However, we are still alive, strong and kicking. We've moved back (a long time ago already, yes) to F-building at the main University campus, and ...Read More

We've updated the lab resources a bit again, highlights include a Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit and Leap Motion controller. Also some Arduino Yúns and Lenardos plus some additions to our sensor list: color sensor, heart beat sensor etc. Great! Read More

So, there is a new tutorial up about capacitive sensing, which was surprisingly simple to do. It was introduced to me by one of our exchange students. Many of them participated in the Snow, Ice and Media course, this time ...Read More

Wow, the first post from Pöykkölä? Two years from the last update? There are some small things I did last year, but since I was away last fall and moving to Pöykkölä halted things for a while it has been ...Read More

Quite a lot of pages updated, some new instructions and most recent lab components are  now on  up here. Although a lot of stuff is still missing - Arduino shields and more simple components as well (ok we are not ...Read More

view of the lab

It is starting to look rather nice, thanks to all the work Matti did and the new storage things we got. I've been arranging sensors and other electronic components and updating the library catalog a bit. [caption id="attachment_738" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="view ...Read More

We've finally got some storage things for the electronics - no proper cupboards yet, but small plastic ones for the resistors, sensors, small tools etc. Also 4 LCD screens and the DMX controller. Rumors that the iPad has arrived circulate... ...Read More