The triennal update

As you can see, the blog post update period is quite, well – mildly put, infrequent. However, we are still alive, strong and kicking. We’ve moved back (a long time ago already, yes) to F-building at the main University campus, and joined in the Sinco lab on the 1st floor, and hope to establish some kind of from service and design idea workshops to-interactive physical prototype labs. We held an inspiring iot workshop with brothers Tero and Kimmo Karvinen, and the lab has been used in courses such as experimental moving image, applied multimedia expression, and interaction design. There are a lot of things happening in the fablab / prototyping scene which is next door to us, and a lot of interesting projects related to ambient interfaces, extreme weather interfaces, and embedded / tangible interfaces, and this lab has helped in many cases people working with those.

Time soon to upgrade the equipment a bit?