Tutorials! New stuff!

Wow, the first post from Pöykkölä? Two years from the last update? There are some small things I did last year, but since I was away last fall and moving to Pöykkölä halted things for a while it has been quiet. But now things are rolling again: We finally got a room for animation lab, so some of the stuff was moved one floor up, clearing up space. We got some last-minute-order electronics: some transistors, mosfets, a few shiftBrite LEDs, diodes, relays, IR Transistors to complement our small but handy electronics section. I wrote some introductory comments on them under equipment. Creating things which move, rotate (solenoids, motors) or use higher voltages should be easier now.

Also updated the tutorials-page, there were a few hidden which I revealed, and a new one I wrote about xbee communication, one possible way to do it in the lab, with the boards and tools we have available. It was easier than I thought, I got it running in about 15 minutes. The mp3Trigger page could be is now labeled under tutorials as well.