Pachube Feed From the Lab

Pachube is an excellent web-based platform that lets you connect to real-time sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world.

The site is currently in beta testing phase, but there are tons of interesting feeds you can already use in your projects. For example, this feed: comes from a buoy near the Hawaiian Islands and it gives  you – among other things – data of the height of the waves in the ocean.

I’ve set up a live Pachube feed from the lab. This is the data that is currently being logged:

  • Light Intensity Value
  • Temperature (in Celcius)
  • Temperature (in Fahrenheit)
  • Humidity %
  • PIR motion sensor

This is the data from the light sensor, (although with a small delay in time?):

Check out the feed at and read the tutorials on the Pachube site to get an idea how to use the data in your projects and how to set up your own feed.

— edit by tomtom:

Hello from Pöykkölä!

I’ve nearly dismantled all the 27 boxes with our stuff and checked out if the PachubeNode still works. It does, and now we have a window we can open, so let’s set up a feed which actually measures daylight and outside temperature 🙂