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DAMA workshop, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

November 19 - 23, 2013
Non-linear storytelling
The workshop in Estonian Academy of Arts is dedicated to non-linear storytelling covering wide scope of human interaction in space and in context of the story. We are expecting to engage the city space, sound, people’s activity and digital environment. Each day will be dedicated to separate topic from visual arts, dance, performance to media-enhanced actions in city environment.

Keywords: Non-linear storytelling, narrative, environment, performance, interactive cinema, sound-work.
1.     Non-linearity and storytelling in visual arts
2.     Psychogeographic story in city environment
3.     Technological performance and storytelling
4.     Moving image and interactive story
5.     Site-specific sound-work and storytelling


November 19-23, 2013 (travelling days 18 and 24)
Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts,
Fine Arts department
Rüütelkonna hoone, Kiriku plats 1, Tallinn, 10130
5 days
15-20 students
Level/Target group
Intermediate / Advanced
Working language
Pre-course task
Short presentation about the topic: what is nonlinearity (for you)?
(Can be video/audio/text/short lecture/etc.)
Presentation should also explain your point of view/your artistic statement.
Application procedure

A short letter of motivation and a small portfolio of few selected works / cv e-mail to Irene @ kultuur.edu.ee
Deadline: October 28, 2013
Students from Dama network schools outside Estonia will receive a travel stipend of 330 euros (660 if coming from Iceland).
Students find a way to travel themselves, and book their accommodation themselves.
List of (reasonable) hostels in Tallinn:
* Euphoria - Roosikrantsi 4, +372 58 373 602,
* Dancing Eesti - Väike-Karja 1 / Sauna 1, +372 372 53654382,
* Flying Kiwi - Nunne 1, +372 5821 3292,
* Tallinn Backpackers - Olevimägi 11, +372 644 0298,
* 16 euro Hostel - Roseni 9, +372 5013046
Credit points
Please bring with you
DAMA Tallinn is more group work orientated and everyday there will be different sub-chapter. Workshop is more about sketching methods and there will be no final grande outcome/performance.
but still
Technical equipment that one should need to experiment: (if you have) camera, computer, audio recording device, etc.  New media department can also provide technical equipment but your own systems might be better.

More information
Workshop leaders:
Raivo Kelomees, Head of New Media department: offline @ online.ee
Henri Hütt, DAMA visionary/conceptualist: henri.hytt @ artun.ee
Irene Hütsi, general info (grants etc.): irene @ kultuur.edu.ee